In 2016 a number of improvements were made to BARD.

  1. Improved clarity of printouts from BARD through an increase in the size of the tick-boxes.

  2. Eight new fields added, primarly aimed at helping to record carpentry and early features. The seven new fields are: 1) Pegged rafters, 2) Carpenters’ Marks, 3) Cranked collar/tiebeam, 4) Cusping, 5) Trestle sawn, 6) Pit sawn 7) Spandrel struts and 8) Carpenters’ marks.

  3. The Carpenters’ Marks field can either be used to record the method of making the makes: either Scribed or Chiseled, or for more detail use the following annotation can be used in the field:

    • 1st figure identifies the length in centimeters

    • 2nd letter identifies the type: (S) = Scribed, (C) = Chiseled or (B) = both.

    • 3rd letter describes the characters used: (R) = Roman numeral, (A) = Arabic or (O) = Other.

    • 4th & 5th letters identify the use of additional details: (H) = half circles, (F) = Full circles, (T) = Tags or Flags.

In addition a few of the drop-down menu’s under existing fields were added to:

  1. 7-canted roof was added under the ‘Roof truss other’ field

  2. Waggon roof was added under the ‘Roof truss other’ field

  3. Raised cruck was added under the ‘Type of Cruck’ field

Further suggestions for improvements are always welcome.