Access to BARD

Access to BARD is either free, or by a low level annual subscription. There are four levels of access as follows:

1) Free access. No help or support is available to free access users. Please go to the Getting Started page for free access to BARD.

2) Voluntary recording group membership (Non-commercial / Educational use). Existing building recording groups will be granted limited access and support to add and amend building records to BARD at no cost. Free group membership is limited to up to three individual usernames and passwords.

3) Individual researchers (Non-commercial / Educational use). Individual membership is available at a cost of £10 p.a. and provides access and support to add and amend building records to BARD

4) Company membership (Commercial use), or large group membership is available from a cost of £120 p.a.

If you would like a subscription access to BARD, or have further queries, please contact the database manager –

Dr Andy Moir, e-mail:

Additional Information

Although not an on-line facility a photograph for each building is welcomed for uploaded to the database. To enable this, send a low resolution photo as an e-mail attachment to the database manager using the “Building reference number” as the file name for the photo.

System changes paid by whoever wants the change are considered, so long as the changes shall not compromise the principals of the database and the needs of the other users. By separate agreement and a small £10 fee, electronic copies of data segments in Microsoft Excel or Access format can also be provided for bona fide research.

Should you have any queries, problems or suggestions for improvements, please contact the database manager at the address above. Any accumulated surplus is used to develop the database or for the further acquisition of building data.