NEW: The Search for Chamfer Stops

A much neglected aspect of the stylistic dating of buildings has been the recording of chamfer stops. Many previous county-level projects have neglected to record stops or have recorded them without describing their character. Historic building records and heritage statements routinely identifying that chamfer stops are present, but often do not record their type.

By collecting photographs of chamfer stops not only in Gloucestershire, but from across the country, the identification of the particular styles of chamfer stops could become a valuable refinement in the stylistic dating of buildings. During this current lock-down, why not join in the search for chamfer stops in your own buildings by sending details and photographs to the project.

Not sure what a chamfer stop is, or what they look like? Just check out our new article: ‘The Search for Chamfer Stops’, on the Gloucestershire Dendrochronology project web-site at

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